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The purpose of this conference to highlight significant developments in research and innovations in food technology and nutrition with an emphasis on food products innovation. The conference will feature a series of presentations and discussions in plenary, concurrent and poster sessions, informal gatherings, competitions and exhibitions. 

The 2nd IC-FTN 2023 with its theme “The Big Picture: Food Technology and Nutrition” will feature experts and authorities who will present the various perspectives, insights, studies and current trends in food technology innovations.

In line with the objective of strengthening and enhancement capability of innovations in food technology and nutrition to promote economic development and help achieve a high quality of life for the people, IC-FTN endeavour to bring together scientists, technologists, researchers, academicians, industrialists, entrepreneurs, policy planners, students, international and regional agencies as well as government and non-government organizations related to the food industry to enhance scientific knowledge by sharing new findings, develop strategic alliances to further develop the food industry and accelerate trade and growth of the economies worldwide.

Proposed conference topics could include the following:

  • Current Trends in Food Technology and Nutrition
  • Fermentation and Food Biotechnology
  • Food Safety, Quality, and Policy
  • Culinary and Gastronomy
  • Food Chemistry and Functional Foods
  • Food Processing and Engineering


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