Topics of Interest

Current Trends in Food Technology and Nutrition

This topic encompasses all research related to the current trends in food technology, food science, and human nutrition. It provides a platform for the application of scientific discoveries and the acquisition of knowledge in areas such as nutrition, functional foods, food safety, and food science and technology. This comprehensive and authoritative information source addresses various global concerns of food scientists, nutritionists, and health professionals. It includes reviews on topics such as diet and disease, antioxidants, allergenicity, food colouring, microbiological concerns, and flavour chemistry. The role of nutrients and their bioavailability, risk assessment, food safety, food processing, government regulations and policies, nutrition fortification, new food products/ingredients and technologies, food and behaviour, effects of processing on nutrition, food packaging and labelling, functional/bioactive foods, and diet and health are also covered.

Food Processing and Engineering

This topic covers all research related to the engineering properties of foods, food physics, and physical chemistry. It includes aspects such as food processing, measurement and control of quality and safety, packaging, storage, and distribution. The topic encompasses engineering considerations in the design and production of novel foods, as well as in food service and catering. It also addresses the design and operation of food processes, plants, and equipment, and explores the economics of food engineering, including the economics of alternative processes.

Fermentation and Food Biotechnology

This topic covers all research related to food fermentation, including the development of novel fermented foods, the exploration of starter cultures and novel strains for fermentation, the application of ingredients and probiotics, and the utilization of metagenomics approaches to study microbial communities in food systems. The scope of this topic extends beyond the development of enzymes or novel enzymes for food applications, with a focus on producing food ingredients, prebiotic substances, sugars, organic acids, and vitamins. Additionally, any research related to the development of biosensors for food applications will be considered.

Culinary and Gastronomy

This topic covers all research related to the development of local and national culinary dishes, as well as the exploration of novel processing techniques for food and beverage applications. It includes sensory evaluations of new recipes and innovations in gastronomy, such as creativity in gastronomy, culinary trends, culinary performance, and gastronomic experiences. The scope of this topic extends beyond gastronomic tourism, culinary traditions, sustainability in gastronomy, and culinary history, to include the development of new culinary products.

Food Chemistry and Functional Foods

This topic covers all aspects related to chemical reactions in food, including the major and minor components of food. It encompasses their nutritional, physiological, bioactive constituents, sensory properties, flavours as well as their functional aspects for human health. The scope of this topic is not limited to the development of novel methods that validate the bioactive components in food and food products, but also includes experimental studies on food digestion and the bioavailability of bioactive compounds in relation to human health.

Food Safety, Quality, and Policy

This topic covers all research related to food safety, including the chemical and microbiological aspects of food safety. It also includes the application of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), Food Safety Management Systems, and the Halal system. Furthermore, this topic encompasses the improvement of food quality through advancements in ingredients, processing technology, flavours, and packaging.